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125cc Motorcycle Insurance – How To Get It Cheaper

125cc Motorcycle Insurance – How To Get It Cheaper

If you have a motorcycle with heritage, then you’d want to protect it properly. Many riders obtain custom bikes because they represent a combination of beauty and tradition. 125cc motorcycles have become very popular in recent years and custom made models of these vehicles gained in popularity too. That is why choosing the right 125cc motorcycle insurance has an important role too.

First of all, having insurance for 125cc bike is one of the legal requirements in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, driving a 125cc motorbike has an advantage. They have better stability than the 50cc motorbikes, and they are cheaper for driving and maintenance than the bigger bikes. There is a difference in tax payment too. 125cc owner pays lower taxes than those who own custom made models with stronger engines.

125cc motorcycle insurance types

It is important that you choose an insurer who recognizes the difference between the motorbikes. 125cc motorcycle insurance should be more affordable than the bigger models. This is also significant because if the insurer is familiar with these differences, he will offer coverage that is the best option for your bike.

Usually, you can choose between the three types of insurance for your 125cc motorbike. The first one is Third-party insurance. This insurance has coverage for the damages you can cause to other vehicles. The insurance covers damage to another person’s vehicle but not yours.

The second type of insurance you can choose covers third-party’s fire or theft. It will cover the damage of your custom 125cc motorbike in case that somebody steals it. It is also coverage for the damage to other bikes in case of an accident. Additionally, this type of insurance will cover the damage or loss of your vehicle in case of fire.

The last but not least type of insurance that you can use to protect your 125cc bike is a comprehensive one. This is the most often used insurance policy because it covers everything that we mentioned in the first two types. Additionally, it provides coverage for your custom 125cc motorbike in case you have an accident.

Whether you choose first, second, or the third type, keep in mind that your insurance should be both durable and affordable.

125cc motorcycle insurance and how to minimize its cost

As we could see, 125cc motorbikes are smaller and easier to maintain. This means that they are cheaper to insure in the first place. Also, whether you have a provisional or full license, your motorcycle needs to have an insurance policy to be legal to drive.

When it comes to insurance policy for this kind of bike, there are two kinds of premiums.  You will have higher premiums if you have just a provisional license. Contrarily, your premium will be reduced if you have a full license for your 125cc motorcycle. This is why you should put your license status when inquiring about an insurance policy.

125cc motorcycle insurance policies cover pretty much the same things as for regular vehicles. This is why your bike can get coverage in case of theft, third-party injuries and damage. However, fully comprehensive coverage is one of the most significant ones.

When you look for the proper insurance for your 125cc bike, be mindful of third party policy. This insurance aspect must cover at least the minimum required by law. It is a requirement that you have an insurance policy that covers injuries that you might cause to someone.

Minimize your insurance policy’s cost

If you want to minimize the cost of your 125cc motorcycle insurance policy, even more, you should consider few steps. First of all, you can reduce your premiums if you get your full motorcycle license. This not only makes your premiums cheaper, but it also enables you to carry passengers.

Getting a ground anchor or keeping your bike in a secure place can also reduce premiums. These are security measures that can benefit you with your policy. Driving from time to time rather than every day can influence the price of your insurance too. This way, you will drive safely and save money at the same time.

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