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Honda Bobber

1988 Honda 450

GBP 1,500 (Auction)

Price : GBP 1,500 (Auction)
Date : March 3, 2022
Location : Droitwich spa, United Kingdom

I’m selling my 1988 Honda 450, I’ve owned this bike since June 2015, but I am not getting the use out of it that I should.

The mileage covered since the last MOT is only 4, hence the reason for selling it, in fact in the last 5 years I’ve only done 558 miles.

It was completely stripped down and the frame was powder coated, every year the oil gets changed, also a bi-annual service, carbs stripped with receipts and it passed its MOT 01 March 2022 (today).

Overall for a bike that is nearly 34 years old it’s in great condition, not a show bike but a real head turner.

There’s a dent in the tank which I caused when I changed the bars, I’ve now fixed the issue of the bars hitting the tank but I haven’t had the dent repaired, it’s about the size of a 10p piece. I’ve also got the original bars you can have, along with as battery optimizer.

I’ve fitted a rear mudguard but the paint is Hammerite and doesn’t match the bike, I only put this on in November in case I rode it over the winter!! usually I don’t have a the rear mudguard fitted, it looks brilliant without.

All this bike needs is for someone to give it a few runs to get rid of all the crap that is building up.

In my ownership it’s always been stored in the garage and I’ve never taken it out in the rain.

The bike is SORNed but you are more than welcome to come and look and start it up and ride it up the drive (not long but you can see the bearings and everything is ok.

I live about 3 miles from the M5 junctions 5 or 6.



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