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Yamaha Cafe Racer

1990 SRX600 yamaha

GBP 3,250 (Auction)

Price : GBP 3,250 (Auction)
Date : July 7, 2021
Condition : Used
Year : 1990
Model : SRX
Location : Huddersfield, Fenay Bridge, United Kingdom

1990 SRX600 (3SX) This bike has been lovingly restored and looks, handles and sounds superb! It is fitted with clip-on bars but it also comes with Renthal straight bars and fittings for more of an upright riding position but, frankly, the bike is so light and nimble and the riding position/geometry means that the ride is relaxing with either bars fitted.

All the running gear/bearings are new including head bearings, swinging arm bearings, monoshock unit, fork seals, re-chromed fork legs, gel battery, Pirelli Rosso 2 tyres, LED rear light, Brembo brakes, handlebars etc.The bike is also fitted with a kM to mph gearbox and an ‘easy-to-adjust mixture screw’

The frame has been professionally painted and the tank and tail unit are finished in metallic Porsche Orange which looks stunning in the sunlight.

The fuel tank has been sealed using POR15 sealer. The exhaust system is a tuned Over Racing unit with Helmholz resonator and supplied with an end baffle which can be easily removed if you like your bike to be LOUD!

The bike also comes with a spare frame, wheels, swinging arm, oil tank, battery box, original foot pegs/handlebars, wiring loom and a multitude of engine parts to build an SRX400 – complete with log book. I estimate there is a 70% complete spare bike. Most of these spares are common to the 600 – except for the barrel and piston, of course.

I always end up with a crowd of people admiring the bike and asking questions so if you are anti-social this bike is not for you.

I am a real SRX enthusiast but need to sell one of my SRX’s to make room in my garage for a new winter project – I know this sounds like a cliche but I will really miss this bike. You can view a Youtube video of me riding the bike, ie.testing out a new throttle cable, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fndPj7kKitM



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