BSA M20 motorcycle -
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BSA M20 motorcycle

  • BSA M20 motorcycle
  • BSA M20 motorcycle
  • BSA M20 motorcycle
  • BSA M20 motorcycle
Price : GBP 2,500 (Auction)
Date : December 30, 2019
Condition : Used
Year : 1943
Model : M20
Location : Cambridge, United Kingdom

Bought off a friend who had owned it about 30 years. Stood under a tarp in an old pig sty for at least 20 of these, but all paperwork had been lost. Refurbished and now runs well but too heavy for me (especially after recent fall off a ladder involving broken ribs and punctured lung). Early history unknown but records suggest a WW2 bike that was later registered for the road and repainted. This was probably around 1969 as it originally had a G plate. DVLA would not re-issue registration and after many frustrating exchanges with them I gave up and bought a WW2 front frame of the same age with a V5, a period registration number and the original tank number from Stuart Bray Motorcycles. An expensive option but I felt that I had no choice if the bike was to be legal and on the road! Re-bushed girder forks, rebuilt mag dyno, Triumph 4 spring clutch conversion, refurbished chronometric but with original face retained, solid state regulator, new wiring including 6v indicators, new head bolts and solid copper gasket, recent new tyres, new head bearings. Piston +20, no bore wear, burns no oil and leaks virtually none. New Amal 376 carb. Original military cut away tank. New spokes on powder coated original rims. I imagine it could be re- militarised. Some specific tools and odds and ends. Large photo file. I have a V5C for the bike showing it as an Historic Vehicle. No MOT as not needed. DVLA will show it as taxed but it’s free. First registration is 01.06.18 which is when I replaced the front frame with the frame number stamped. Reg is YXS 311 so you can check it with DVLA. Replacement frame was contract S1048-34. Tank number C5127274. Frame number WM 2093874. Engine number WM2096417. Located close to Cambridge and collection only.

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