Suzuki GS550 Cafe Racer - Brat Unique -
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Suzuki GS550 Cafe Racer – Brat Unique

GBP 2,750 (Auction)

  • Suzuki GS550 Cafe Racer – Brat Unique
  • Suzuki GS550 Cafe Racer – Brat Unique
  • Suzuki GS550 Cafe Racer – Brat Unique
  • Suzuki GS550 Cafe Racer – Brat Unique
Price : GBP 2,750 (Auction)
Date : November 23, 2020
Condition : Used
Year : 1977
Model : GS550
Mileage : 1064
Year : 1977
Model : GS550
Mileage : 1064
Location : NEWMARKET, United Kingdom

Welcome to the auction of my very individual GS550 Cafe Racer/Brat

I’ve owned her for almost 18 months buying her from the original builder who was a highly experienced engineer/mechanic. The builder completed a full nut & bolt rebuild, powder coating the frame, wheels etc and leaving nothing untouched. Since the build I have covered 1,064 dry miles…..Never once seeing rain!
I am a mature owner who has owned bikes for over 35 years so look after my bikes and enjoy keeping them in top condition.
As you can see from the photo’s the bike is in very good clean condition. She was made in 1977 so is now classified as, and registered as, an  historic vehicle. This means no road tax to pay, no requirement for an MOT and cheap classic insurance. I pay £106 fully comp for two bikes and an agreed value of £4,000 with unlimited mileage…..Bargain!!!
The bike itself has some unique features which draws a lot of attention everywhere I go…. And I mean everywhere….. I always have people stand and look or ask questions on every outing she has!
The “SHELL” detailing on the battery housing and the “SHELL” Brass original petrol can cap which is now the oil filler cap are such eye-catching additions. The Akrapovic GP exhaust tip adds an amazing note to the engine whether burbling on tick over or at full beans! Then there is the petrol tank… What can I say? Hopefully you love it like me…. It’s been coated in the same paint used to line truck beds… Very hard wearing and pretty difficult to scratch! The tank itself is clean and rust free inside…. I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it’s in top condition. The exhaust headers/downpipe 4-1 are apparently Micron wrapped in a lovely titanium heat wrap. I’ve never taken the wrap off but understand the pipes to be mint underneath… I’ve certainly had no reason to doubt. The chain and both sprockets were brand new and have only covered 1064 miles… So you wont have to worry about them for some time. This particular year/model is very desirable as it has the fully rebuilt & coated spoked wheels and both Kick Starter & Electric start….
In my ownership I have done the following……Upgraded the aftermarket brake master cylinder for a Suzuki SV650 one.Fitted new front brake pads ( I spilt some brake fluid on the others so played it safe & replaced)Replaced the aftermarket POD filters for top end K&N filters specifically for this bike as the outer two are shallower so they don’t fowl the frame. It has been re-jetted to suit!Replaced the clutch pushrod seal which had started to weep.Oil Change.
The bike starts on the button first time and runs/rides well……
Watch the YouTube video for a full walk round & start up…… (Copy & Paste into your browser)

I am selling as I have fallen in love with old BMW Airheads so sadly she wont get much use if I kept her. I most certainly don’t need to sell her so no stupid offers! Certainly no offers below the staring price!!If she doesn’t sell then I will just hang on to her as she’s not costing me anything to keep….. Please feel free to come & see/hear her but no test pilots without the full asking price & proof of insurance.
Happy bidding and feel free to message me if you have any questions.
PS…. All photo’s were taken on 19/11/20 and none have been “photoshopped” or had filters etc added. This is a true reflection of the bike & it’s condition!


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