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Electric Motorcycle Insurance

Electric Motorcycle Insurance

Even though electric motorcycles come in different sizes and designs-just like petrol ones, they have one key difference. Electrical bikes don’t have an engine. They use batteries which you can recharge. However, if you want to drive an electric motorbike, you still need to have the proper license, tax, and electric motorcycle insurance policy. Additionally, you also need to meet the physical protection requirements.

Reasons why you should consider buying an electrical motorbike

There are predictions that the UK will ban the usage of diesel and petrol motor vehicles by 2040. Also, electrical motorbikes help in reducing the emission of CO2. They don’t cause pollution. They are especially useful in the cities since they don’t produce noise. Still, many people think that being eco-friendly isn’t enough to switch from traditional models.

Contrarily, if you do choose to buy an electric bike there are many benefits. First of all, the Government provides grants of 20% of the total cost of the product. You only need £1 or £2 to charge your batteries for a 100-mile travel range. You also don’t have to pay for any road taxes. Last but not least, you lower emissions and reduce pollution.

Getting your electric motorcycle insurance

Although electric motorcycle insurance can seem high, there are many affordable options. Electric bikes cost more than £10,000. But you save money on fuel and other expenses. Sometimes a high price of the product can mean high premiums for the insurance policy. Still, that is not the case with electric motorcycle insurance. Many companies offer big discounts exclusively for electric models. You can also use online engines and compare offers from a wide selection of insurance companies.

On the other hand, getting an individual quote for your electric motorcycle insurance is also very easy. There are several details that you need to provide if you want a specific offer. It is usually the model of the bike and license plate. They can ask where you keep your bike. It makes a difference if you keep it outside or in the garage. Many companies offer additional options for reducing their premiums. This usually refers to security measurements or your experience with the vehicle. You can make your inquiries online, or through direct visits to the company.

When insuring your electric bike, make sure you’re getting the best quotes available, and start off your journey today!


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