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How Should One Prepare The Bike For Track Riding

How Should One Prepare The Bike For Track Riding

When it comes to saving your motorcycle from big damages, protecting it from crashing it the first thing. However, crashes cannot be avoided so you can take other precautionary measures to protect the motorcycle. Case covers, exhaust sliders, axle, frame, and engine crash guards are a few things you can put on the bike. These will help protect your bike and yourself from the damages that happen in case of a crash. Plus repairing the bike and expensive parts costs much more than replacing or repairing these parts.

All it takes is a little amount of gravel and a turn where you could not handle the bike and you got yourself a bike crash. Even if you are never serious about taking the bike to a track, prevent from speeding up, and are very cautious, having protection is still better. With these, you would have much more confidence in riding and handling the bike.

Just don’t stop there, when you have spent a few hundreds on motorcycle protection why not keep yourself safe too? Riding the motorcycle with proper motorcycle riding gear whether you are a man or woman is important. Regardless of the motorcycle terrain and your choice, a complete riding gear kit is available in the market. However, you can also go to buy things separately. For instance, if you want to buy a cafe racer, motorcycle jacket, and gloves or just a textile jacket. Once you are done with the protection part, let’s have a look at how you should prepare the bike for a track ride.


Tires are without a doubt the most important part of your motorcycle. Your riding quality and safety depend on it a lot more than you think. So you would not want them to be cheap ones and end up sliding the bike under you. The better traction and grip your tires have the better and safer it is for you. Plus, the track organizations are adamant about your bike’s tire condition if you want to enter the track.

Invest in a good pair of tires like Dunlop Qualifier or something like that. If you feel like the current pair is a little worn off, it is better to replace those for the track day. Once you come back you can always switch them back and keep it safe for the next trip to the track. To check you should have a look at the tire. If you see cracks or scuffed edges or groves or more than 5 or 6 years old, the tires should be replaced, no questions asked. Refer to the tire’s sidewall as there is a mark that tells its life. If the tire is close to that line, your tire needs replacement.

Going for new and quality rubber tires is always the best and safest option regardless of your bike type. But if the bike is sports or dual sports you should always replace the tires and opt for high-quality ones. Remember to scrub the tires a little before hitting the track. The added advantage of going for a new one would be that you can use them afterward for regular commuting and traveling use.


Check your brake pads, if you don’t know how to or are in doubt, go to a mechanic or get a professional opinion on that. Still, if you are not sure replacing them would be a good thing. It might cost you a little, but it would not cost more than repairing the bike and paying for medical bills if anything were to happen.

Changing the brake pads depends on your usage, but generally, after 2 years you should be changing it. Entire brake systems like cables, fluids, and the adjustments should be checked and lubricated before the special day. Things wear out quickly on track than you are used to so swap them for new and quality ones.


Check if any of the fluids need replacement and do so if needed. Then securely close and seal them. Especially the engine oil, because little amount spilled on the road and the bike could get out of control, ending in a hurtful situation. Check for potential leaks and ride the bike to make sure everything is good. Check with your organization beforehand as some require you to replace the coolant with distilled water just for safety purposes.


Tracks are not like roads, so the situation is also not alike. Many organizations require that you take off or tape the lights, mirrors, blinkers, tail lights, and any other reflective surfaces. This is because reflective or light sources can be distracting for the riders behind or in front of you. And secondly, if the bike were to fall, there would be less broken glass scattered over the track.

The best thing would be to take them off, but you can just put tape all over them to avoid the fuss. Use the tape that can be trimmed and peeled off easily but also prevents the glass from going through easily.

Other important things

Checking cables, chain, clutch, brake and foot levers adjustments, and tire pressure are also important. Having other basic tools and a first aid kit is also good to have. These things are also important if you are just commuting or traveling.


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