Off-Road Motorcycle Insurance - Why You Need It -
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Off-Road Motorcycle Insurance – Why You Need It

Off-Road Motorcycle Insurance – Why You Need It

Off-road motorcycles can be confusing. There are many models and styles available, and some of them are modified and custom made too. It can be difficult to find the right off-road motorcycle insurance policy to legalize them for use. The United Kingdom doesn’t recognize some of these models as traditional bikes for the road.

How to know if your off-road bike is safe for the road?

If the owners of the properties give you their permission, you generally don’t need anything else. Still, in any other case you need to meet some criteria for safety.

First of all, you need to have the proper license for your bike. This license depends on various things. It can depend on the size of your motorbike, or your age. GOV.UK website has a breakdown of license categories.

The other thing you’ll need is the DVLA registration for your off-road motorcycle. You need to tax it too.

Last but not the least; you need an active off-road motorcycle insurance policy. This policy has to protect you from injuring people. Or it can protect you from damaging someone’s property.

Why do you need this type of insurance?

If you don’t have an insurance policy on your off-road bike, everything is your responsibility. If you cause damage to someone, or someone steals your bike, you have to cover all the expenses by yourself. Keep in mind that without insurance, you cover all legal bills too. If your motorbike is always in your garage, then you technically don’t need to have insurance or registration. But if that is not the case, you are on your own in case that anything happens. If you want insurance just to make your bike legal for the public road, you can even use standard motorcycle insurance policies. However, if you want protection while you are on the track, these insurances won’t be enough. Motocross insurance is different because covers more than just ordinary driving on the road.

Things you should consider when choosing off-road motorcycle insurance and where to get it

You can get an off-road motorcycle insurance policy as a special policy. You can also buy it as an add-on to your standard policy. In both cases, some features are important whether you buy them or not.

  • The most important feature is damage coverage for accidents. This will cover your bike if you cause injuries or if you need to repair your bike.
  • Another important thing is coverage of legal expenses in case someone wants to sue you for damage
  • You should consider coverage of expenses if you get hurt

Many people want to participate in competitions or tournaments with their bikes. Still, some insurance companies don’t have this category included in their mainstream policies. You need to make sure to inquire about all the details.

In the end, if you are an experienced driver, that can be an advantage. It can lower your motocross insurance policy. Not all companies offer this condition, so you need to be mindful of how to get the best price and the best conditions.

If you’re unsure about where to get your insurance, it might be worth checking out Quotezone.


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