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Reasons Why You Need Insurance for Your Motorcycle

Reasons Why You Need Insurance for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles have become a reliable mode of transport, especially in short distances and during summer when the heat is extreme. However, to enjoy the ride, there are some essentials that you require for your motorcycle. Other than purchasing it, maintenance and fuel, your bike needs an insurance policy. The insurance helps to safeguard you, the bike, and the third party in case of an accident. It is generally advisable to have an insurance policy on all your belongings. Overall, having insurance is always beneficial and never a disadvantage.  Below are some of the added reasons why you require motorcycle insurance.

The Law Requires It

Some individuals are reluctant to get motorcycle insurance just because they see it as a waste of money. In most states, you can’t drive any type of motorcycle without its insurance. This insurance requirement that every rider, whether private or in business, must follow. Some countries go further ahead and demand insurance before registering or giving a motorcycle owner a license plate. If you don’t have motorcycle insurance, you are breaking the law. You could be given hefty fines, get yourself behind bars, or get into unwanted consequences.

Insurance Gets You off Liability

Even after obeying all traffic rules and being attentive to North Jersey roads, sometimes the unfortunate happens, getting you into an accident. If you get into an accident and get someone injured or properties damaged, you will be liable for all expenses and maybe a jail term. It would be perfect if you had insurance to help you settle all these expenses. Unfortunately, not all policies are likely to meet your needs. It’s at this point that an independent insurance agency comes in handy. Going this way is beneficial as you have the chance to choose policies that match your motorcycle needs. These insurance companies will cover the expenses in case of an accident, thus getting you off the liability.

The Right Insurance Protects Your Life

In reality, using a motorcycle to ply a highway is not so safe even when using protective gear. In fact, motorcycle riders stand a higher chance of sustaining severe injuries in a collision with a car. These severe injuries could escalate if not treated as emergencies. With a good insurance policy, you will be attended to on time if any emergency and your medical bill would be covered. The possibility of road accidents should never be ruled out. Thus it is necessary to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best

Motorcycle Insurance Protects Your Investment

Other than protecting you from liability, motorcycle insurance helps to protect your Investment. How does this happen? When your motorcycle gets involved in any type of accident, it can be repaired or replaced by the insurance company, depending on the damage type. If it gets damaged beyond repair, the insurance company can pick the remains and offer you a new motorcycle, depending on your policy. However, if your policy only covers liability, then it means your bike won’t be covered. Before getting an insurance policy, talk to your provider, and let them discuss with you the different types of policies available.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Nothing is as amazing as having peace of mind in everything you do. When you get comprehensive insurance for your motorcycle, you get assured of full coverage; thus, you don’t need to worry where to get money to pay expenses or repair your bike. Instead of worrying about losing your money or motorcycle during an accident, you will be relying on your insurance policy to accommodate everything. Such type of care makes you have fewer worries and assures you peace of mind in everything you do.

Motorcycle insurance covers vary from one state to another and also from one policy to another. If you have a new bike, you need to choose an insurance policy that provides liability coverage on the minimum side. To get the best insurance cover, choose the best insurance agency, and request a quote.

Covers Guest Passenger If Any

Despite being more of a personal vehicle, motorcycle owners usually entertain the option of having a second passenger. Imagine taking a ride with your partner or a friend; then, you get involved in an accident, leaving your guest wounded. That would be awful, won’t it? Most motorcycle insurance would provide medical coverage for third parties if the accident occurred due to the fault of (the insured). This would reduce the risk of putting someone else’s life in danger. Riding without such worries is necessary, plus your passenger will be confident with you.

It Offers Premium Protection for Low-Income Earners

A close study by reveals that Malaysia tops the list of highest road fatalities globally, and it is worthy of note that the people who use these motorcycle are low-income earners.  The same thing goes in South Asia, where the use of the motorcycle, as a means of transportation, is tied to their livelihood. This is so because it is considered to be the only affordable means of transport.  What this implies is that more than half of the population use motorbikes to perform their daily income tasks. And when an accident happens, and life hits hard on them, the only way to ensure that the pain is minimal is to have the right motorcycle insurance in place.

With active motorcycle insurance in place, a low-income motorcyclist can afford to cover whatever risk he may incur in the course of an accident.


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