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Temporary Motorcycle Insurance In The UK

Temporary Motorcycle Insurance In The UK

If you don’t ride your motorcycle often, you might need insurance only for a few days or a few months. This means that temporary motorcycle insurance can be the best option for you. Short term motorcycle insurance is the most cost-effective choice for various reasons. It can be a test ride for example, or if you borrowed a bike to someone or from someone, and many more.

What is a Short-Term Motorcycle Insurance?

Temporary motorcycle insurance is a flexible solution for those who don’t ride their motorbikes all the time. This kind of insurance is potentially money-saving since it is a policy that varies in length. Short term motorcycle insurance in the UK has policies that last from one day up to one month, six months, and so forth, depending on the conditions and type of coverage.

Temporary policies or pay as you go motorcycle insurance policies have the same coverage options as for regular one-year insurance. This means that you have Third-party coverage, Comprehensive coverage, and Third Party Fire and Theft Coverage. The main difference is that the coverage for any of these options isn’t for 12 months but a shorter period.

Things to know about Temporary motorcycle insurance

You need to keep in mind that the short term bike insurance is not a substitute for the annual one. This applies to a motorcycle that you own and you have it in your garage for example. In other words, you can’t use temporary policies whenever you want to ride your motorcycle. Also, you can’t leave your bike uninsured as long as it’s in your possession even if you don’t always drive it.

In 2011 UK introduced Continuous Insurance Enforcement, CIE for short. This rule says that it is illegal that you have a constantly uninsured motorbike (or any other vehicle). The only exceptions are bike owners that signed SORN or Statutory off Road Notification.

So if you choose a short term insurance policy for your bike, you have to make sure that you either sign a SORN for it or ensure it again. Penalties in the UK for driving a motorbike without continuous insurance can be up to £1,000.

If you don’t follow these rules, you could face a fine of up to £1,000 and even the destruction of your motorbike if you ride it on the road without continuous insurance in place.

Keep in mind that SORN keeps you safe from facing legal penalties, but it doesn’t come with insurance. This means that in case you damage your bike, or somebody steals it, SORN doesn’t provide any coverage.

Length of short-term motorcycle insurances

These kinds of policies can have a different duration. We previously mentioned that the shortest type is one-day insurance. However, you can choose monthly motorcycle insurance or 10 days of insurance, or as many as you need.

The length of the policy depends on your preferences, type of coverage and type of your motorcycle. It also depends on the insurance company that you choose. You can see a comparison of prices and offers on QuoteZone  for example.

Why choose Temporary motorcycle insurance? 

If you drive your motorbike from time to time, short term insurance can surely be one of the most considerable options. This is the case for all bike-owners whether you take your bike to some presentation or you just drive for enjoyment.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the weather is usually bad. It is cloudy and rainy most of the time which means that bike riders can’t ride as much as they’d like. Although annual insurance has its advantages, temporary policies can save you a lot of money in these kinds of situations. And since companies offer pretty much the same type of coverage for both policies, at least it is worth considering it.

Is Short-Term Motorcycle Insurance Cost-Effective? 

Except for the fact that the price of short term coverage is considerably lower than the annual one, there are few more advantages of this kind of policy.

For example, if you can predict how many miles you will drive, you can specify your mileage for coverage inquiries. Lower mileage will reduce your premiums, thus saving you money.

Also, if you don’t need this policy anymore for some reason, some companies might give you a partial refund. Still, these refunds are often more than just pro-rata. Insurance companies usually ask for cancellation fees. Some providers offer something called ‘’short-rate’’ refund. These refunds are reduced for the time you had the policy.

On the other hand, if you cancel your annual motorcycle insurance before that year is up, you are not entitled to a so-called no-claim bonus. Additionally, be mindful about paying your policy with direct debit. The reason for this is that even if you cancel the direct debit, your insurance won’t be canceled automatically. On the contrary, this can influence your credit ratings and produce a negative impact on your credit agreement.

When you compare prices and offers from companies, make sure to double-check terms and conditions. Cancellation policy is important for temporary insurance too, especially because it can increase their cost-effectiveness.

Short term coverage features 

Most insurance companies that you can find on the internet have their coverage features.

Usual features for temporary motorcycle insurances are:

  • Policies with different level of coverage (Third Party, Fire, and Theft, Comprehensive)
  • Insurance from one day up to three months on average (some companies offer monthly motorcycle insurance for example)
  • Insurance companies provide you with designed policies (this is especially important for those who have custom and modified motorbikes)
  • Short-term policy’ features include injuries and optional breakdown coverage
  • The average price of premiums starts from £30.00

The best way to get the most appropriate offer is to compare different policies. Your comparison should be based on the price and protection that the insurance offers. Many websites can help you with the comparison. And most of the companies have their websites. You can start by checking one of the most recommended websites such as QuoteZone or GoCompare.com.


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