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The Best Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

The Best Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

A vintage or classic motorcycle is any bike that is over 20 years old and in generally original condition. Owners of these vehicles usually want to find proper vintage motorcycle insurance to protect their bikes. Generally speaking, you need to consider different aspects and policies for your insurance. You need to think about conditions for your policy for a classic or antique motorcycle. Still, some models are very valuable and they can be very expensive to repair or to replace.

Things to consider when insuring your vintage motorcycle

Insurance policy for classic or vintage motorcycle covers the same thing as it does for normal motorbikes. However, if you have a custom made or highly valued model, you should consider policies that will cover collision. This will cover the damage done to your vintage bike. 

As we already mentioned, antique or vintage motorcycles are at least 20 years old. They have to look the same as they did when they were manufactured.

Keep in mind that some insurance companies require that the bike has to be at least 25 years old. Another condition from the insurance policies is that a motorcycle has to be stored in the garage.  And you can’t drive it on a daily basis. This means that you should have another vehicle for transportation. You can’t drive vintage motorcycles every day.

On the other hand, you might want to ride your classic bike on public roads. If you do, you need to say that to your insurance company. You must think about local laws if you want to travel safely with your bike.  Another reason is that you need an insurance policy is in order to get registration for your bike.

What does insurance policy for classic motorbikes usually cover?

Most of the vintage motorcycle insurance policies in the UK cover damage liability. That is damage that you can cause to someone’s property. It can also be injuries that you cause to someone. For example, you can have an insurance policy clause for hitting a pedestrian.

In that case, your insurance would cover the injuries of the pedestrian.  They do need to meet the conditions in the policy. We previously discussed collision and comprehensive vintage insurance. These categories are significant because they cover the costs of stolen or damaged bikes. They also cover the costs for their repairmen.

There are a few additional things that you might find important for your vintage motorcycle insurance. The first one is an insurance that covers all your medical bills in case you have a crash. The other one is in case you own more than one vintage motorcycle. There are multi-bike policies that can cover all these aspects for all of your bikes in one policy.

Things you need in order to get your vintage motorcycle insurance policy quote and where to get it

There are many insurance companies in the UK that can offer you a wide choice of vintage motorcycle insurance policies. You can ask for some specific conditions or ask for additional coverage. However, every company will need some details from you in order to give you the best offer.

If you want to get a quality insurance policy quote to be sure to prepare the following information:

  • You need to have details of your bike (model, type, year, etc)
  • How many miles your bike has passed during the year
  • If you previously had accidents or convictions you need to report it to the insurance company
  • Your need to send your occupation and your location

You provide all this info to the insurance company first. Then they can send you the best offers they have for your requirements. You can also compare insurance policy quotes for vintage motorbikes online.


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